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Running AllMusicConverter on a MAC computer

With this guide you can learn how to use a leading converter AllMusicConverter on your Mac computer. Do not settle for a subpar converter, if you can have a full featured AllMusicConverter on a Mac with just a little of set up work.

There are two ways to run AllMusicConverter on a Mac:

  • using the built-in Boot Camp feature
  • using the virtual PC / emulating software

  • 1. Boot Camp

    Recent versions of Mac OS include the Boot Camp feature, which allows users to dual boot a complete Windows OS and a Mac OS on a Mac computer.
    Refer to the following instruction for setting up Boot Camp on your Mac:

  • Using Windows via Boot Camp
  • Once you set up Boot Camp, you can run AllMusicConverter inside Windows on a Mac just as you would on a PC. Install AllMusicConverter and iTunes inside Windows and you are good to go.

    Note: The benefits of Boot Camp include being able to use a complete Windows installation on your Mac and the ability to run other Windows software. Also, Boot Camp is officially supported by Apple, hence the availability of official technical support.

    2. Virtual PC / emulator software

    There is a variety of third party software that allows you to use Windows applications on a Mac via "emulation" methods.
    Our users had success running AllMusicConverter using VMWare and Parallels Desktop software:

  • VMware for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac
  • Parallels seems to be the easiest option with the most flexibility. Please, refer to the product's official web-site mentioned above for instructions on using Windows software with a Mac computer.

    Note:AllMusicConverter isn't affiliated nor does it develop or support "VMWare" / "Parallels Dekstop" products. If you need information or technical support while using this software, please refer to the vendor's official web-sites.

    In case you haven't found the answer, please send your detailed problem description to Please provide more information than just "the software doesn't work for me", and we will assist you as quick as it's possible.